Best Boning Knives Reviews

A boning knife is a kitchen knife which features a narrow blade and a very sharp point. This piece of cutlery receives its name from the fact that its main purpose is to remove the bones of fish, meat, and poultry. Another distinctive trait of boning knives is the fact that they are thinner than other types of knives, this aspect making them ideal for precision work. If you are missing quality bone removal knives from your cutlery collection, check out the rest of this article to find out what are your best options at the moment.

Top 5 Boning Knives Comparison

Photo Product Name Price
Kamosoto KAM511 Image

1. Kamosoto KAM511

  • Blade measures 6 inches
  • Made of 67 layers of high carbon steel
  • Ergonomic soft grip G10 handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Impressive lifetime warranty
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Wusthof Classic 4603-7 Image

2. Wusthof Classic 4603-7

  • 6-inch flexible blade
  • Blade is made with forged high-carbon stainless steel
  • Triple riveted handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime warranty
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Global Cromova G-21 Image

3. Global Cromova G-21

  • Blade measures 6.25 inches
  • Blade is made with molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel
  • Durable stainless steel handle
  • It is recommended to hand wash it
  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturer
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Wusthof Classic 46101-7/16 Image

4. Wusthof Classic 46101-7/16

  • Blade measures 6 inches in length
  • Forged from tempered high carbon steel
  • Durable, classic handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Accompanied by a lifetime warranty
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Zelite Infinity 6-Inch Boning Knife Image

5. Zelite Infinity 6-Inch

  • 6-inch blade length
  • Blade is made of 67 layers of high carbon stainless steel
  • Triple riveted G10 handle
  • Not recommended to wash it in the dishwasher
  • Generous lifetime warranty
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Bone Removal Knives Reviews

Kamosoto KAM511

When it came to finding the best bone removal knife on the market our decision was made easy when stumbling upon the Kamosoto KAM511. This Japanese style knife that is designed specifically for the task of removing the bones of fish, meat, and poultry has impressed up through it durability, clean and stylish design, and the precision it offers. It has a Rockwell Hardness Scale rating of 60-62, and it is made of no less than 67 layers of VG-10 stainless steel Damascus. These two elements alone prove how superior the knife’s quality in construction is. With an overall length of 10.6 inches, a blade length of 6 inches, and a blade thickness of 2.2 millimeters, it will be a pleasure to work with it in the kitchen next time you need to separate the bones off of the meat.


Rockwell Hardness Scale rating – 60-62
Overall knife length – 10.6 inches
Highly resistant to corrosion, stains, and wear
Weighs only 7.4 ounces
Features a stunning tiny wave blade pattern

Wusthof Classic 4603-7

Wusthof is one of the most well-known brands on the cutlery market, so it comes as no surprise that our choice for the second best bone removal cutlery on the market is manufactured by this company. The Wusthof Classic 4603-7 has a clean and modern look and it is designed with utter attention to even the smallest details. It weighs a mere 4.8 ounces, which means you will have an easy time maneuvering it in the kitchen. The overall length of the knife is 12.5 inches, 6 inches belonging to the blade. Due to the fact that it is dishwasher safe, you won’t have to clean it manually each and every time you use it. Additionally, it boasts a durable construction, being made with high-carbon stainless steel and featuring a triple riveted composition handle.


Razor sharpness due to hand honing
Narrow blade makes it a quick tool for boning poultry
It weighs only 4.8 ounces
Traditional style of the handle makes it easy to work with

Global Cromova G-21

Yet another excellent choice to go with is the Global Cromova G-21, a knife which embodies excellence through a stunning and smart design. The single piece construction it boasts is quite intelligent as it eliminate food and dirt traps, making it a whole lot easier to keep the knife clean and to wash it. Although at first glance you might be tricked into thinking it is a tad uncomfortable to work with it, know that the stainless steel handle it comes with actually features dimples which provide a stable, safe, and comfortable grip. When it comes to the knife’s construction, this durable piece of cutlery is made with high-tech materials, more precisely molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, so you are guaranteed to work with it for years to come without facing any issues.


Lightweight – it weighs only 8.5 ounces
Overall length of 11.5 inches
Excellent sharpness retention
Dimples in handle provide a safe grip
Single piece contruction makes it easy to clean

Wusthof Classic 46101-7/16

As expected from the respectable Wusthof brand, it makes yet another appearance in our top, this time due to the amazing Classic 46101-7/16 model. The remarkable sharpness of this knife is the main reason why we strongly recommended, a sharpness which is retained for a long time even if the knife is subjected to intense use. The reason why it is able to preserve its sharpness so well is because the blade is made with high carbon steel which is impressively strong. When it comes to comfort and convenience in use, you will be delighted to know that the rounded shape of the handle makes it a delight and a cinch to remove the bones of poultry with it. Add to all of these elements the lifetime warranty, and it will be impossible to pass on this offer.


Curved shape makes it more effective at boning
Hygenic fit of the handle guarantees it will be easy to clean
Amazing sharpness retention
Easy to sharpen

Zelite Infinity 6-Inch

Last we have the Zelite Infinity 6-inch boning knife which is an undeniable smart choice to make as it is actually a Japanese knife. The 67 layers of high carbon stainless steel the knife’s blade is made of give it a superior cutting quality and sharpness. Also, this construction ensures stains and rust will not be an issue for you to look out for. The G10 handle is triple riveted, providing strength and durability while maintaining a superior level of comfort in use. One of the aspects you will love the most about it is the fact that it retains edge sharpness perfectly. Also, it is easy to sharpen, so when the time comes to do this task, you won’t have a hard time with it.


It weighs only 5 ounces
Stain and rust resistant construction
Blade is extremely sharp and safe to work with
Rounded handles provide a comfortable grip
Superb pattern design of the blade

How You Can Use the Boning Cutlery

Each type of kitchen knife boasts a certain blade design which makes it appropriate for use in particular cooking and food preparation situations. Obviously, this applies to boning cutlery as well, differing from other knives as their blades are thin, very sharp, and quite flexible. Picking the right knife is utterly essential as your time spent in the kitchen will become more pleasant and there will be less hassle involved with the cooking process. In the following, we will show you what the 3 ways you can use a bone removing knife are, offering you a better perspective on the utility of the cutlery piece and its importance in the kitchen.

  • Use #1 – Removing Bones from Meat

  • Clearly, the main purpose of boning cutlery is to remove bones from meat – it says so even in the title. To perform this food preparation procedure, you must place the piece of meat on the cutting board, use your finger to locate bone placement, make a cut along the bone’s length through the meat product, and saw that section until you separate the bone from the meat completely.

  • Use #2 – Getting Rid of Meat Skin

  • Not everyone likes the skin on the meat as it sometimes tends to be too chewy. Also, for certain types of foods, it is actually important to get rid of this part as it can change the entire taste of the meal. Fortunately, there is a convenient way to remove it, more precisely with the boning cutlery. What you must do is place the piece of meat on a cutting board with the skin side on top, use the tip of the blade to make a small incision where the skin and the meat intersect, and carefully slice between these two sections until you reach the end of the meat slice. If needed, repeat the procedure until all the skin portions are removed from the chunk of meat.

  • Use #3 – Getting Rid of Fish Filet Skin

  • Removing skin from fish is a lot more delicate than it is with meat, so you need the right cutlery for the procedure to not break the fish apart. Place the filet on the board with the skin side down, and make a small incision with the tip of the knife at the tail. Then, simply slice along the skin’s length until it is completely removed from the fish filer.

What Are the Bone Removal Cutlery Manufacturers You Can Trust

It is difficult to make a choice when it comes to a new boning knife as there are many models out there that come from different manufacturers and all promise the same thing – durability and a precise, fast, and convenient operation with them. To make it easier for you to find the perfect cutlery for removing the bones of meat, poultry, and fish, we will show you what are the most trustworthy brands on this market. By knowing what are the brands that generally deliver only high-end cutlery, you have smaller chances of investing in a knife which will not perform as expected, is going to lose its sharpness too fast or will break when confronted with more difficult tasks in the kitchen.

  • Zelite Infinity

  • Durability and sharpness are the two characteristics which make the cutlery produced by the Zelite Infinity brand be so popular and sought after. After noticing that most knives out there either have a great sharpness retention but they do not resist stains and rusting, or they are stain and rust resistant but do not offer much in the way of blade sharpness retention, the company made it a point to deliver only knives which boast a long-lasting sharpness and resistance to rusting and stains. Thus, it is easy to understand why this manufacturer is included on our list of the best brands, any product you buy from Zelite Infinity boasting an amazing design and a great quality.

  • Wusthof

  • There is not a cook out there who have not heard about Wusthof, one of the biggest players on the cutlery market. Being founded way back in 1814, this company is family owned for seven generations now, preserving the quality of the design and manufacturing of the knives it produces. The design of the company’s logo says everything about how serious the brand is, the trident symbolizing perfection, passion, and diligence.

  • Global Knives

  • The Global Knives brand is renowned as it has not only been on the market for over 30 years but because it has innovated the professional knife industry in the meanwhile by delivering kitchen knives which feature a one-piece, all stainless steel structure. In addition, the cutlery this manufacturer delivers is made of the highest quality material, more precisely Cromova 18 stainless steel which guarantees a long lasting blade sharpness and an unsurpassed durability.

What Makes a Quality Knife for Boning – Quick Buying Guide

Any utensil you use in the kitchen must provide the efficiency you thrive for in order to get your cooking tasks done fast and as close to perfection as possible. One of the utensils that must exist in any kitchen is the boning cutlery, a knife you use to remove bones from poultry, meat, and primarily, fish. In the following, we will teach you what are the specs and design elements you must look into when buying this cutlery to ensure your money will be well spent.

Blade Material

The durability of this cutlery piece is shown primarily by the material its blade is made from. High-carbon stainless steel is the best manufacturing material in terms of resistance to intense use and sharpness retention. Thus, if you want to have a dependable knife for removing bones in your kitchen, this is the blade material you must search for. Another great option to go for is vanadium stainless steel as it boasts similar sharpness retention capabilities.

Handle Design

You will do pretty tiring labor with the knife, so it is important for its handle to be smartly designed to provide comfort in use. Otherwise, your palms will start to hurt from all of the pressure put on them when removing bones from different meats. A soft-grip handle is what you should go for, like the Kamosoto KAM511 offers, as it endorses hours of continuous use without any strain put on your hands.

Dishwasher Safe

Another important element to look into is whether the knife can be cleaned in the dishwasher or not. In these modern times, most households have dishwashing machines as these appliances provide a benefit we cannot take lightly – it spares us from the tiring and time-consuming chore of manually washing dirty dishes. It is more than obvious why the boning cutlery should be dishwasher compatible, busy people not having the luxury of affording to waste time washing their utensils after each use, but rather preferring to let the appliance handle this chore for them.


Seeing how you will most likely use the knife often and for heavy-duty tasks, it is important to check this aspect as well. It the kitchen utensil is backed by a lifetime warranty, as all the boning knives featured on our top are, it indicates that not only does the manufacturer trusts its quality and resistance, but regardless of when and how it will receive blows, it will be replaced free of charge. Considering the price a quality knife for boning comes at, it is indeed important to check this aspect out.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Is there a preferable blade length for these knives?
Generally, the length of the blade with boning cutlery ranges from 5 to 6 and a half inches. While there is no one-size-fits-all option, we can recommend a 6-inch blade length as it is the most convenient to work with and most popular option for the majority of customers.

?Does blade design matter with boning cutlery?
While at first glance it might not seem that blade design is important, it is actually one of the most impactful elements which make up boning cutlery. There are two blade designs out there – straight and curved. With curved blades, bones are removed from the fish in a single pass. However, with a straight blade, the process is a bit more complicated, so more time is ultimately lost on this task.

?How does the tang of the blade affect the knife’s quality?
While blade tang is not a definite indicator of the knife’s quality, it does show a difference in terms of durability. Partial tang blades are pretty fine options to go with, but in time, there exists the risk for a break to occur where the handle and the blade meet. With full tang blades, this risk is eliminated as the metal goes all the way throughout the entirety of the handle.