Manual Knife Sharpener Systems

Although electric knife sharpeners are more successful these days as modern people are looking for the most convenient and fast solutions to fixing their problems, this doesn’t mean that everyone has given up on using manual sharpeners. If you’re the type of person why like to take manners into your own hands, then you clearly prefer using a manual sharpener over an electric one.

To some it might sound surprising, but it’s actually better to stick with a manual sharpener because it offers you complete control over the sharpening process, meaning that nothing can go wrong as long as you’re paying attention to what you’re doing. Of course, the quality of the knife sharpening system plays an important role in this equation, being extremely important for the model that you use to provide the quality and construction needed to perfectly sharpen your dull knives. To find out what are the manual knife sharpening systems that it’s best for you to go with, check out the rest of our article.

Top 5 Manual Knife Sharpener Systems

Ranking Photo Product Name Abrasives Sharpening Stages Knife Type Compatibility Warranty Price
1 Koolife 3 Stage Image
Koolife 3 Stage Ceramic, Diamond 3 Straight Edge 60 Days
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2 Chef's Choice 4643 ProntoPro Image
Chef’s Choice 4643 ProntoPro Diamond 3 Straight Edge, Serrated 1 Year
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3 Chef's Choice 463 Pronto Image Chef’s Choice 463 Pronto Diamond 2 Straight Edge, Serrated 1 Year
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4 Koolife 2 Stage Coarse&Extra Fine Image Koolife 2 Stage Coarse&Extra Fine Ceramic, Diamond 2 Straight Edge 60 Days
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5 Smith's 50264 Image Smith’s 50264 Ceramic, Diamond 2 Straight Edge, Serrated 3 Years
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Manual Sharpening Systems Reviews

1. Koolife 3 Stage

At the top of the food chain when it comes to manual sharpener systems sits the Koolife 3 Stage model. As the name suggests, this tool features 3 sharpening stages that you can pass the knife’s blade through in order to receive the best results possible, restoring the razor sharpness of the blade by doing so. Unlike other manual sharpening systems, this model provides a fast sharpening, only a few passes being required to be done with the entire process. One of the biggest highlights of this model is the fact that it’s safe to use as it features slip-resistant rubber feet that keep it in place when you’re using it. It can be used on straight edge knives of all kinds, including pocket knives and steel knives. Additionally, the solid ABS plastic construction ensures that it’s an investment that you will benefit from for years to come.



Solid ABS plastic construction Brand: Koolife
Slip-resistant rubber feet Our Ratings: 5.0/ 5.0
Comfort-grip handle Customer Ratings: 5.0/ 5.0

2. Chef’s Choice 4643 ProntoPro

Chef’s Choice is undoubtedly the most renowned manufacturer of knife sharpeners out there, so there’s no surprise to the fact that a product released by this company features in our top. The 4643 ProntoPro is a 3-stage manual sharpener that offers a quick and convenient method to restore blade sharpness to your dull knives. The arch-shaped edge that it features is superior in quality to what other models offer as it is more durable and stronger. One of the reasons why we highly recommend this knife sharpening system is because it offers precise bevel angle control for 15-degree and 20-degree knives, so it will do a perfect job on your Asian and European-style cutlery. It can be used on both straight edge and serrated knives, so versatility is a key point of this product. Additionally, it features a secure and comfortable grip that guarantees you won’t get tired even after sharpening multiple knives with it.



Crisscross sharpening technology Brand: Chef’s Choice
Precise bevel angle control Our Ratings: 4.9 / 5.0
Good grip – soft touch handle Customer Ratings: 4.9 / 5.0

3. Chef’s Choice 463 Pronto

Another high-end manual knife sharpening tool that comes from Chef’s Choice and that we strongly recommend to anyone looking for a great deal is the 463 Pronto. This manual knife sharpening system can be used on Santoku knives, an aspect that gives it an edge over its competition. The diamond abrasive wheels that it features allow a simultaneous sharpening of the knife’s edges, so you will be done with the sharpening process in no time. Due to the fact that it offers precise bevel angle control, you will easily and accurately sharpen 15-degree Asian-style knives with it. Another important highlight of this model is the fact that it can be used to sharpen both straight edge and serrated knives, so there’s no limit when using it. It features 2 stages, the first stage being used for sharpening, while the second stage is used for honing and polishing the blade.



Crisscross sharpening technology Brand: Chef’s Choice
Simultaneous sharpening of edges Our Ratings: 4.7 / 5.0
Precise bevel angle control Customer Ratings: 4.5 / 5.0

4. Koolife 2 Stage Coarse&Extra Fine

Koolife makes another appearance in our top, this time with the 2 Stage Coarse&Extra Fine manual sharpener. The two sharpening stages offered by this model guarantee that the perfect razor sharpness of the blade will return and that you will experience the same smooth use of the knife as you did the first time you bought it. What we love about this manual knife sharpener system is the fact that it is comfortable to use due to the ergonomic handle that it uses and due to the fact that it’s made with lightweight components. The non-slip safety cushion that it features ensures complete safety in use, guaranteeing that it won’t slip when you’re using it. Also, the secure grip that it provides offers a higher degree of control over the tool when you’re using it, an advantage that can’t be overlooked if you plan on making a smart investment.



Ergonomic comfort grip handle Brand: Koolife
Secure non-slip base Our Ratings: 4.4 / 5.0
Great control while sharpening Customer Ratings: 4.1 / 5.0

5. Smith’s 50264

On the number 5 spot, we have the amazing Smith’s 50264, a manual sharpener that offers you the possibility to decide every aspect of the sharpening process. It does this due to the fact that it features a convenient knob that allows you to adjust the sharpening angle anywhere from 14 degrees to 24 degrees. It’s perfect for use on straight edge knives as well as serrated knives, so you will be able to actually sharpen any knife in your collection with it. Another highlight worth mentioning is the fact that it features non-slip rubber feet that keep it neatly in place when you’re using it, thus ensuring that no unpleasant accidents can occur. Additionally, it features a comfortable soft grip handle that will make it a pleasure to use the tool, not tiring your arms even if you use it on multiple knives.



Knob allows adjustment of sharpening angle Brand: Smith’s
Non-slip rubber feet Our Ratings: 4.1
Comfortable soft grip handle Customer Ratings: 4.2

Manual Sharpener Producing Brands We Recommend You Check Out

On the market for manual sharpeners, there are a few brands that consistently produce higher quality models than others. Obviously, it’s best that you invest your hard earned money into the products released by these companies if you want to make sure that you end up with a durable and reliable sharpener. The companies that we’re talking about are Chef’s Choice, Koolife, and Smith’s, three brands that we will tell you more about in this section of the article.

  • Smith’s

  • If you’re a knife history buff, then you already know about the Smith’s company. Being one of the oldest brands in the field as it has been founded back in 1886, it has managed to become one of the fastest growing companies out there due to supplying customers with high-end, innovative sharpeners. What has made the company not only reach the heights of success but remain there is the fact that it hasn’t strayed from its main goal, more precisely to ensure that their products preserve and improve blade sharpness. The fact that the sharpeners produced by Smith’s can be found in almost all major stores is an easy way to tell just how trusted and popular this brand actually is.

  • Chef’s Choice

  • The Chef’s Choice brand has released its first product back in 1985, debuting with a high-quality electric knife sharpener that surprised customers and took the market by storm. Gathering a massive following at its inception, the brand stuck to designing and manufacturing only quality sharpeners, this being the main reason why it still remains at the top of the market to this day. As the years passed, the company has expanded the line of products that it designs and manufactures, these days the products that it offers to customers including cutlery, hot beverage products, electric food slicers, and so on.

  • Koolife

  • Koolife is the brand responsible for the design and manufacturing of the 2 Stage Coarse&Fine manual sharpener, a sharpener that not only ranks as one of the best models on its market but that comes at an affordable price as well. What has made this brand become so popular among knife passionates is the fact that it produces only reliable and durable products that cater to the user’s need without being pretentious, in the sense that they’re easy to use. Of course, the price of the products that come from this company helps make them more appealing to the general public, being affordable choices for all people to go with.