Combat Knife

A re you a knife enthusiast searching for a quality battle tool that will be the perfect addition to your existing collection? Then check out the comparison table below because here you will find the best combat cutters on the market at the moment. These top tier products boast great designs, their sharpness is preserved for a long time, and they all have extremely comfortable grips.

Top 6 Combat Knives Comparison

Photo Product Design Blade material Length Sheath Handle Price
1. Ka-Bar 1281 D2 Extreme Flat 20-degree blade D2 steel 11.875” Yes Powdered metal
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2. Ka-Bar 200076 BK7 Becker Flat 20-degree blade 1095 Cro-Van steel 12.75” Yes Grivory
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3. United Cutlery GH5027 Fixed blade 7CR17 stainless steel 12” Yes Polished black micarta
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4. Ontario Knife 1083009 Co Sp Next Gen SP1 50-degree blade angle 1095 carbon steel 12.125” Yes Kraton
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5. Renegade RT104 6.25-Inch Blade Strike Force Fixed blade 3CR13 stainless steel 10.75” Yes Leather
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6. Moorhaus Handmade 1/4-Inch D2 Vietnam Full tang D2 steel 12.25” Yes Wood
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Ka-Bar 1281 D2 Extreme

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The Ka-Bar 1281 is our choice as the best battle tool on the market because its blade is made with high-quality D2 steel. This means that it will maintain its sharpness for a long time, not requiring sharpening too often. Also, it won’t brake or scrap easily either. The classic clip-point shape of the blade is another highlight of this tool as it provides a familiar feel when using it.

The comfortable handle it features guarantees a convenient use. Additionally, it comes with a nylon sheath you can store it in when it is not in use to protect the blade.


Features a convenient clip shape
Blade measures 7 inches in length
It weighs only 12 ounces
Covered by a lifetime warranty

Ka-Bar 200076 BK7 Becker

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This combat style knife was specifically designed for adventurers who want to be prepared for any situation, the strong construction of the blade guaranteeing it won’t break easily. The 20-degree blade is actually made with one of the highest-quality materials out there, more precisely 1095 Cro-Van steel.

It is extremely lightweight and it measures a perfect 12.75 inches when it comes to its overall length. Also, the grivory handle does not only provide a comfortable grip, but it can withstand intense use as it is made with a glass-fiber nylon.


Skeleton design of the handle
Textured thumb rest ensures a secure grip
It weighs only 0.85 pounds
The blade measures 7 inches in length

United Cutlery GH5027

Perfect for self-defense, fighting, or hunting situations, the GH5027 is the tool you need in survival situations. The blade measures a sufficient 5-7/8 inches in length, and it is made with 7CR17 stainless steel, which ensures durability and sharpness retention like you have never encountered before.

The overall length it boasts is 12 inches, and in combination with its lightweight design, makes it an easy to maneuver tool that will come in handy especially when you are in the wild. The handle is quite comfortable and provides a stable grip. Furthermore, it comes with a leather sheath where you can safely keep it when it is not in use.


Lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver
Blade measures 5-7/8” in length
Comes at an accessible price

Ontario Knife 1083009 Co Sp Next Gen SP1

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The full tang blade of the 1083009 is hardened to 57-59 HRC and it is made with 1095 carbon steel, thus being of a superior sharpness and durability. This makes it perfect for sporting, military, and rescue use, being a mandatory addition to the backpack of a conscious adventurer.

Due to the fact that it weighs only 10 ounces, you will have an easy time maneuvering it. The 12-inch overall length makes it a compact addition to your backpack. In addition, the combination sheath it comes with provides a safe storage for it.


Blade length of 7 inches
When enclosed, it measures 4.06 inches in length
It weighs only 10 ounces
Blade is hardened to 57-59 HRC

Renegade RT104 6.25-Inch Blade Strike Force

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Last but not least, we have the Renegade RT104 which comes at an affordable price without sacrificing quality and durability. The 3CR13 stainless steel material used in the manufacturing of the blade makes it a mandatory survival tool for adventurers.

It features an interesting leather ring handle which does not only boast its design but that provides a very comfortable grip. The overall length is of 10.75 inches and it weighs only 10.4 ounces, so it won’t be hard to maneuver at all.


The blade length is 6.25 inches
Lightweight – only 10.4 ounces
Perfect for deep covert maneuvers
It features double-sided serrations

Moorhaus Handmade 1/4-Inch D2 Vietnam

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Another perfect choice is the 1/4-Inch D2 Vietnam produced by Moorhaus. This is a handmade tool that features a D2 steel blade that is hardened to 60-62 HRC on a C-scale. The design it boasts is exquisite, and the wood handle does not only add to its beauty but it provides comfort in use as well.

This extremely strong knife is a long lasting investment for sure, and it won’t require a lot of sharpening as the time passes. In addition, it comes with a leather sheath you can store it in for safe keeping.


Boasts a clip shape
Features a 7.5-inch long blade
Lightweight design
Rated 60-62 HRC on a C-scale

Rating Combat Cutters – How We Established Which Is Better and Why

Choosing and ranking the products was not an easy task at all as we had to closely inspect the best models out there, take into consideration all of their strong point and weaknesses, and provide an honest and accurate ranking in order to ensure you will spend your money on a knife that will provide everything you need. For you to get a clearer understanding of what were the elements that affected our ranking the most, we will explain in the following lines how we rated these battle knives.

  • Blade Material

    The aspect that affected our ranking the most was the material the blades were made from. The strong D2 steel used in the manufacturing process of the Ka-Bar 1281 D2 Extreme is by far the most durable material to go with for the knife. Also, it has a sharpness retention which is vastly superior to most materials out there, so we had to rank it as number 1 because it is low maintenance and it boasts a remarkable blade durability.

  • Blade Length

    The length of the blade affects is versatility and functionality, the perfect length for the blade being at around 7 inches. As you can notice, all of the entries in our top either feature 7-inch long blades or their blades are very close to this length size. Therefore, regardless what model you go with, you won’t be facing issues when using it in your outdoor adventure or in any situation you get into and a knife is required.

  • Weight

    The weight of the tool affects how easy it is for the user to maneuver it. Obviously, we had to take this aspect into consideration when rating and ranking the products to ensure we are choosing the actual best models on the market. All of the entries featured in our top are lightweight, so it will be a cinch for you to handle using them in any situation that you might be confronted with.

  • Handle Material

    The material used in the manufacturing process of the handle has to be durable and strong in order to ensure it won’t break if you use a lot of strength when handling it. Wood is the traditional choice when it comes to the handle, but grivory is just as amazing of a choice to go with as well, providing a great durability and reliability.

  • Secure and Comfortable Grip

    Of course, we had to take into account how convenient to use they are as well, meaning that we took into consideration how secure and comfortable their grips are. If you test out all of the products we have selected and ranked, you will notice that they all have a common trait, more precisely that they all provide a comfortable grip which allows you to maneuver them with ease regardless of the situation.

Trustworthy Brands to Buy From

A quality battle knife is one that is reliable in all survival situations, not breaking or failing you when you need it most. But with so many products out there, it is rather difficult to make a choice and stick with it. To make your search for the best go smoother, we will show you what are the best brands to purchase from at the moment, increasing the chances for you to invest in a quality tool.

  • Ontario Knife

    With a vast history behind it, the Ontario Knife company has managed to not only get to the top of this market but remain there as well, effectively passing the test of time. The reason why this brand has gathered a massive following is that the people who work here are true professionals who care about the quality of the products they design and manufacture. Another element that has made the brand become so appealing to customers is the fact that it sells knives at fair prices that make them affordable for most people out there, thus having people of all backgrounds and classes become recurring customers.

  • Ka-Bar Knives

    This is one of the oldest on this market, being founded back in 1897. The first sale of cutlery by this company occurred in 1898, this being the moment which marked the up-rise of a new trustworthy and popular brand that produces knives. To better understand how great this company is, know that it not only puts an emphasis on delivering new and innovative cutlery but that it uses an Eco-friendly manufacturing process as well. Thus, if you purchase a Ka-Bar product, you earn more than just a durable, high-quality knife, getting the chance to play a major role in the protection of the environment as well.

  • Renegade Tactical Steel

    Although the Renegade Tactical Steel brand is one of the newest on the market, being founded in 2015, this does not make it any less trustworthy when compared to its older competitors. As a matter of fact, despite the young age of the company, the people who work in it have a long experience as most of them are in the knife production industry for more than four decades, thus guaranteeing your money will be spent on durable and reliable products if you go with Renegade. Also, these competent employees who work for the company constantly deliver new and innovative designs that revolutionize the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Is it better for it to be long or short?
This solely depends on your personal preferences. If we were to make a recommendation, we would advise you to go for a 10 to 13-inch overall length, this way avoiding the purchase of a knife you will be disappointed by as it is too short, or too long to feel comfortable when handling it. From this design point of view, the middle ground is the safest option to go with.

?Does handle material matter?
Yes, just like with any other type of knife, the material and design of the handle are of a great importance as these elements show not only how durable it is in the long run, but how comfortable it will be for you to use it. Also, the handle shows how well the grip is, an element that has a great impact on how you will handle the tool in situations where you need to use it.

?What is the purpose of the sheath?
The role that the sheath fulfills is to provide a safe and convenient storage space for the knife. As you place it in the sheath, it is less likely for external factors to inflict any type of damage on the blade. Additionally, the sheath also protects you from accidentally harming yourself as it keeps the sharp blade hidden.

Pinpointing the need for a combat style knife is futile by this point. If you are here, it is more than clear that you either want one for hunting purposes, to have as self-defense, or simply to add some variety to your already impressive collection. Regardless of your motifs and interests, we hope to have helped you with our depiction of the highest quality battle knives on the market. As you already know by now, our #1 pick is the Ka-Bar 1281 D2 Extreme, and for easy to understand reasons, too. Built to last and up to any challenge, it is one purchase you surely will not regret making. Probably its most impressive highlight is the D2 steel blade which gives it the lengthy lifespan and durability, but its overall design cannot be undermined as it is incommensurately great, to say the least.

For those looking for comfort when maneuvering this self-defense tool, the Moorhaus Handmade 1/4-Inch D2 Vietnam, which is our pick for the second place is the right option. With a great and pretty unique 50-degree blade angle, there is no wonder to the fact that the Ontario Knife 1083009 Co Sp Next Gen SP1 made an appearance here as well. Overall, regardless of your pick, we personally back each and every product displayed here and are confident you will enjoy the ultimate quality.