Best Knife Brands of the Moment

There are certain brands that rule the market when it comes to the production of different types of knives. Obviously, it’s important for you as a knife hobbyist to know what are these leading brands and what makes them so trustworthy and respected worldwide because if you purchase items produced by them, you are guaranteed to make long lasting investments.

To help you make only the best decisions when it comes to buying new knives, regardless if you’re interested in purchasing kitchen, combat, or survival types, we have listed below the top knife brands on the market, offering some insight about them as well. Therefore, stick with us until the end of the article if this subject interests you.


Among the market leaders we have Benchmade, a company that has been around for over 30 years and that is completely dedicated to the design and manufacturing of knives. Although at the beginning not everything was perfect, the company thrived due to the ambitious relocation in Oregon, the epicenter for manufacturing such products at that time.

Shortly after this relocation, the company started to grow in fame due to the fact that it was the first to own and use a high-power laser cutter. There are many things to be said when it comes to the history of Benchmade, but what is important for you to keep in mind is that the products released by this knife brand are definitely of a high quality and dependable.


Spyderco is the perfect example of how far patience and hard work can get you. Being founded back in 1976, this company focused solely on selling its only product at the time, the Tri-Angle Sharpmaker.

Until 1981, there didn’t occur a big raise when it came to the company’s fame, but this all changed with the relocation to Colorado and the introduction of the company’s first folding knife. Since that point, the name Spyderco grew in fame and became a household name not only in the U.S.A. but abroad as well, now being one of the biggest knife manufacturers in the world.


With a vast history that has accumulated during the over 130 years since this company was founded, it’s easy to understand that there’s a good reason why Victorinox is still around, that reason being that it delivers innovative, high-end products to customers all over the world.

A fun fact that you should know is that the founder of this company, Karl Elsener, is the one responsible for the development of the iconic Swiss army knife. This argument alone is proof enough of why you should always purchase from this knife brand without hesitating.

Cold Steel

Another perfect example of excellence is Cold Steel, a company that has started its activity in 1980 and that has managed to stay at the top because the people working there haven’t strayed from their main goal, to produce the strongest and sharpest knives on the market.

Since the company has been founded, a lot of innovative products have been released by it, the most notable innovation being the Tri-Ad Lock technology that hasn’t been topped by competitors yet. Even better, the brand keeps delivering new and improved products year after year, thus strengthening their spot amongst the best brands on the market.

SOG Specialty Knives

If you’re having a deja-vu when hearing the name of this brand it’s because this is the brand that stands behind the reproduction SOG knife famous in the Vietnam era. The history of the SOG Specialty Knives company spans from its founding that dates all the way back in 1986, when Frazer and Spencer developed the first knife, since present times when the company manufactures a wide array of tools that are perfect for casual and military use.

This is a brand that has slowly but surely gained popularity, maintaining its seriousness even after all these years. Of course, it’s a brand that we had to include in our top as it is responsible for innovating this market many times and because it actually delivers quality products that transcend the test of time.


The year that marks the apparition of this company is 1974. What has made it reach the top of the market is the fact that the goal set when it was founded is followed to this day, that goal being to design and manufacture tools that feature innovative technologies, that are long-lasting, and that deliver more than what customers could ever dream of.

Obviously, what boosted this company the most is the fact that it has innovated the market with technologies such as the composite blades that incorporate two different types of steel in a single blade, and the interchangeable blades featured in certain knives.


Germany is one of the few countries that never disappoint when it comes to the quality of the products that are manufactured in it, and this is more than true when it comes to the production of knives. The Wusthof knife brand is one of the best examples of excellence in execution when it comes to the design and fabrication of high-end knives that come from Germany. Also, know that the trident in this company’s logo stands for the core values of the brand, more precisely passion, diligence, and perfection.

Being founded over 200 years ago, this brand is committed to producing top quality knives that are made with attention to every detail and that are manufactured in the most Eco-friendly way possible. Some of their knives might be pricier when compared to what other companies release on the market, but it’s undeniable that these products are worth the money.


The Gerber company is one of the oldest entries in our top of the best knife brands of the moment, being founded back in 1939. Since the inception of this USA-based company, the brand has managed to gain worldwide recognition for the high-quality knives and tools that it designs, produces, and sells. What makes this brand stand out from its competitors is the fact that it manufactures each and every knife and product with utter care to detail. If you think that this isn’t true, know that the company actually provides a lifetime warranty for each product that it sells, so it’s undeniable that a lot of effort goes into the manufacturing process of each knife.

The reliability and overall magnificent performance of this brand have made it a household name all over the world, not only in America, and it’s for this reason why we strongly advise you to purchase Gerber knives. Quality will surely be delivered and as soon as you buy one knife that comes with this brand’s signature, you are ensured to purchase a second and a third time as well.

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  1. Harold says:

    I own knives from most of these brands, and I can say that I’m pleased with all of them. I have to agree that the brand you buy from is important as it’s a good indicator of the knife’s durability. But if I were to recommend only one of these companies, it would definitely by Wusthof as their products are affordable and they retain their sharpness better.