T he machete is a widely used tool as it is perfect for use as a hunting weapon, it is ideal for survival situations due to its sturdiness and shape, and it’s even ideal for agriculture, depending on the area of the world that you live in. The indicators of a quality tool are its shape and the materials used in the manufacturing of the blade. If you’re surfing the web or searching the stores looking for a quality tool of this kind, make your search easier by checking out the comparison table below where we have ranked the best blades on the market right now.

Top 5 Machetes Comparison

Ranking Photo Product Name Blade length Blade material Handle material Warranty Price
1 Ontario 8335 SP8 Image
Ontario 8335 SP8 10 inches 1095 carbon steel Kraton Lifetime
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2 Schrade SCHKM1 Image
Schrade SCHKM1 13.3 inches 3Cr13 stainless steel Rubber Lifetime
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3 SOG SOGfari Kukri MC11-N Image SOG SOGfari Kukri MC11-N 12 inches 3Cr13 high carbon steel Kraton Lifetime
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4 Gerber Bear Grylls 31-002289 Parang Image Gerber Bear Grylls 31-002289 Parang 13.5 inches High carbon steel Durable full tang construction Lifetime
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5 Ontario 6144 Military Image Ontario 6144 Military 18 inches Thick carbon steel steel Full tang construction Lifetime
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Ontario 8335 SP8

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Our top pick is the 8335 SP8 model that comes from Ontario, a survival tool that comes in handy in many situations. The serrations on the spine of the long blade make the tool ideal for sawing. It features a single choil on the blade and a single guard on the grip. It features a comfortable Kraton handle that ensures a secure grip without tiring your arm when using it.

Boasting an impressive 15.125-inch overall length, the length of the tool’s blade is 10 inches, which is perfect for most applications that you could think of. It comes with a cordura and leather sheath that you can safely store it in. Also, the sheath features a belt loop and leg tie so that you will find it comfortable to carry the cleaver with you wherever you go. Of course, we can’t finish reviewing it without mentioning the fact that it is backed up by an astounding lifetime warranty.


Plain edge with sawback design
Comes with cordura sheath
Weight – 22.8 ounces
Overall length – 15 1/8 inches

Schrade SCHKM1

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The 3Cr13 stainless steel used for the manufacturing of the SCHKM1’s blade along with the fact that it’s a fixed blade type make it one of the sturdiest, most durable, and reliable survival tools out there. The blade measures 13.3 inches in length, while the overall length of the tool is 19.7 inches. What you will surely like about it when you will use this survival tool is the fact that it features a comfortable rubber coated handle that ensures a stable and safe grip.

It comes with a useful polyester shoulder belt sheath that allows you to comfortable store it and carry it with you on your trips and adventures. Additionally, it is backed up by a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects, so there’s no need to worry about any aspect of the tool’s build quality.


Comes with a polyester shoulder belt sheath
Sturdy fixed blade
Weight – 1.44 pounds
Overall length – 19.7 inches

SOG SOGfari Kukri MC11-N

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SOG had to make its appearance in our top eventually as it’s one of the top manufacturers of survival tools. The MC11-N is perfect for an impressive array of situations, the blade design and quality making it ideal for chopping wood, harvesting crops, making shelters, hunting, and so on. The blade measures 12 inches, an imposing length that shows it’s not your average machete. Also, the material used for the manufacturing of this important component is 3Cr13 high carbon steel, so you don’t have any reason to doubt its sharpness or durability.

An interesting detail is the fact that it features serrations that make it perfect for sawing. Also, it’s accompanied by a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing, so there’s no need to worry about repair or replacement costs ever as long as you use the tool as it’s intended.


Straight edge blade
Comes with a useful nylon sheath
Weight – 15 ounces
Overall length – 18 inches

Gerber Bear Grylls 31-002289 Parang

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Just hearing the name Bear Grylls immediately sends your thoughts to interesting survival situations in the wilderness. With the 31-002289 survival tool, no matter how tough your next adventure gets, you will have the perfect companion by your side to deal with every issue effectively, being able to hunt, craft a shelter, and so on. Not only is it highly effective in many situations, but it’s very convenient to use as well due to the ergonomic textured rubber grip that it features.

The blade is made with high carbon steel so that it will withstand intense use without breaking or losing its sharpness. The full tang construction that it boasts ensures a prolonged durability. It comes with a quality nylon sheath that you can use to store the tool in when you’re moving from one location to another. Obviously, as expected from a high-end tool of this kind, it’s accompanied by a lifetime warranty.


Comes with a lightweight, military-grade nylon sheath
Comfortable ergonomic textured rubber grip
Weight – 19.4 ounces
Overall length – 19.5 inches

Ontario 6144 Military

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Ontario makes a second appearance in our top, this time with the 6144 model. This military-issue tool features a handle that is not only flame-resistant, thus being safe to use, but that is shatterproof as well. Thus, there’s no possible way for the handle to ever break or suffer any real damage. The blade is the component of the tool that impresses the most as it’s made with 0.125-inch thick carbon steel, thus boasting a superior durability and sharpness.

Additionally, the blade is treated with black oxide coating. It features steel compression rivets and it boasts a full tank construction of the blade that guarantees a boost in resilience, so you shouldn’t cower from putting it to intense use. Last but not least, we have to mention the fact that the tool is covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing.


Steel compression rivets
Safe and comfortable flame-resistant plastic handle
Weight – 1 pound
Overall length – 23.25 inches