Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

W hen thinking about Swiss army knives, the first thing that pops to mind is the Victorinox company. The reason why this manufacturer is so tightly linked to the Swiss army knife is that it is the original producer of the design and because it delivers the highest quality knives on the market. If you want to buy Victorinox army knives to add to your collection, check out the following comparison table to learn what are the best Swiss army knives produced by the renowned Victorinox company.

Top 5 Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Comparison

Photo Product Name Number of functions Construction Length Weight Warranty Price
Victorinox SwissChamp Image
1. Victorinox SwissChamp 33 Durable stainless steel, encased in ABS scales 3.5 inches 6.56 ounces Lifetime
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Victorinox Champion Plus Image
2. Victorinox Champion Plus 30 Stainless steel and aluminum frame 3.5 inches 0.31 pounds Lifetime
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Victorinox 53481 Deluxe Tinker Image 3. Victorinox 53481 Deluxe Tinker 16 Stainless steel and plastic 3.5 inches 4.8 ounces Lifetime
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Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster Image 4. Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster 15 Stainless steel and polished ABS scales 3.58 inches 3.5 ounces Lifetime
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Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Image 5. Victorinox Swiss Army Climber 14 Stainless steel implements 3.5 inches 2.91 ounces Lifetime
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Victorinox SwissChamp

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The staggering 33 function that the Victorinox SwissChamp Swiss army knife delivers is what makes us rank it as being the best model on the market in 2017. These 33 functions include a large blade, a small blade, a corkscrew, a reamer, a wood saw, a ruler, scrissors, a metal saw, a metal file, a hook disgorger, a bottle opener, a Philips screwdriver, and more.

Basically, regardless of the situation you’re in, the knife will get you out of trouble in no time, even if you’re in a survival scenery at that time.


Handle construction – polished cellidor
Features a large blade and a small blade
Pliers allow quick adjustments
Magnifier glass unravels any secrets

Victorinox Champion Plus

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The Champion Plus Swiss army knife is actually composed of more than 60 individual parts. This information alone should show you just how much attention was put into detail when designing it and how versatile it can be if user to its maximum potential.

The nylon handle that it comes with makes it an aesthetically pleasant addition to your knives collection and a comfortable tool to work with as well. Additionally, it is backed up by the manufacturer with a great lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.


Composed of over 60 individual parts
Features a nylon handle
Scissors are extremely sharp
Perfect for adventures, hiking, camping, and survival situations

Victorinox 53481 Deluxe Tinker

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The 53481 Deluxe Trinker is one of our favorite Victorinox knives due to its durability, convenience in use, and because of the time you save by not having to go looking for a different tool every time you’re doing handy work around the house.

Best of all, the 16 functions that it features show that it is the ideal tool for survival situations as well. One of the most popular functions is provided by the scissors that boast a magnificent sharpness and that immediately cut throw anything we have thrown their way.


It comes with a large blade as well as a small blade
Pliers feature wire cutters
Reamer with sewing eye makes sewing more convenient
Optional belt pouch

Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster

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Not only is the Victorinox Fieldmaster one of the most optimal choices to go with as it features no less than 14 different functions that make it ideal for survival, camping, and hiking situations, but it’slightweight and discrete enough to allow you to take it with you anywhere you want.

Another aspect that will definitely please you is the fact that it requires little to no maintenance work. Additionally, it’s accompanied by the astounding lifetime warranty that is provided by the amazing Victorinox manufacturer.


0.787-inch height makes the knife easy to carry with you
Scissors are extremely sharp
Philips screwdriver makes the knife’s convenience even more complex
Requires resharpening very rare

Victorinox Swiss Army Climber

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The fifth entry in our top is the Swiss Army Climber army knife that exceeds all expectations by putting at your disposal a wide array of functions that each have their own purpose and that are perfect for use in different situations.

To be more precise, it delivers 14 functions in a small package, guaranteeing that you will be able to take it with you anywhere you go in order to get out of sticky and unwanted situations. Best of all, the polished cellidor handle provides a comfortable experience when actually using it.


5 different colors to choose from
Handle is made with polished cellidor
Designed for use by passionate adventurers
Multipurpose hook helps in a variety of situations when you’re hiking

Understanding the Basic Features

Depending on the Victorinox Swiss army knife that you buy, there is a wide variety of functions to be enjoyed with the tool. While some functions and features are mostly found in high-end knives, there are other functions that are more general and that are available with almost all the Swiss knives. For you to be able to use the knife properly, here is a list of the basic features that it comes with and what they offer:

  • Large blade – this basic component of the knife is used for all the tasks where a knife is required, such as slicing fruits and vegetables, cutting food, gutting fish, or carving in wood. It is similar in length and width to a classic knife’s handle, so it will be easy for you to maneuver it.
  • Small blade – this blade is designed in the same way as the large one, the only difference between the two being the fact that the small blade is shorter. Use this blade when a more delicate approach to carving or cutting is needed.
  • Bottle opener – the role of this component is obvious, being used to open bottles. The flat tip that it features also works as a screwdriver.
  • Can opener – this is a manual can opener that you use by putting the lip of the can into its cap, and press the sharp part into the lid until it punctures through. Additionally, the tip of this component can be used as a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Corkscrew – fold this component out for it to extend out from the knife and use it to open wine bottles by twisting it into the cork and pulling on the handle to remove the cork in order to open the bottle.
  • Key ring – use this component to clip the knife anywhere you want for it to be in your reach when you need it. To the key ring, you can attach other useful tools as well to make the Swiss knife appropriate for different situations.
  • Reamer – this component is used to punch holes in softer materials like leather, and to drill holes in tougher materials such as wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

?How do I know if my Victorinox is an original and not a knock-off?
To figure out if the knife is an original, check for the Victorinox stamping on the blade as well as the emblem – cross and shield – on the scale. Know that the stamping on the blade has changed over time, so if you own a Swiss army knife manufactured before 2014, the stamping will contain the words Victorinox, Swiss Made, and Stainless. If it is manufactured after 2014, the stamping will contain the words Victorinox, Swiss Made, Delemont.

?Is any type of maintenance required for the Victorinox army knife?
For the army knife to function properly and to withstand regular use without any type of damage being inflicted upon it, you should regularly clean and oil it. These tasks do not take long and they do not require you to waste too much time on them, so there should be no issues when it comes to knife maintenance.

?What type of oil should I use for the knife?
If you want to take the best possible care when it comes to Swiss army knife maintenance, you should use a multi-purpose oil that provides corrosion protection, is food-safe, does not leave any unpleasant taste or smell behind, and helps the knife become more resistant to aging.