Steel vs Ceramic Knives

When you enter the cutlery section of a big store, you feel like you’re in the world’s most complicated maze. What makes it almost impossible to figure out what you should buy is the fact that there are a variety of types of knives, a ton of different brands that produce them, and these knives are made with different materials as well. Obviously, the construction of the cutlery’s body is the first thing that you have to take into consideration when making such a purchase as it shows whether your money will be spent on a durable knife or not.

This is the reason why we took our time to make the proper research and establish once and for all what is the superior cutlery, the choice being between steel and ceramic. In the following lines, we will break down the pros and cons that a ceramic knife comes with, as well as the upsides and downsides of steel knives. By doing this we will offer you a better understanding of why we choose a certain type of cutlery as being better. If you’re interested in this subject, don’t miss out on this interesting read.

Pros and Cons of Ceramic Knives

Ceramic knives are considered by most as being the superior choice to go with due to the many advantages that they offer, advantages that we will list in the pros section below. Of course, nothing is perfect, even ceramic cutlery having certain flaws that we won’t keep secret from you. Nonetheless, what you need to know from the start is the fact that the ceramic knife has really revolutionized the cutlery market, expanding the use, durability, and performance of these important kitchen tools.


  • Ceramic is sharper when compared to steel
  • Sharpness is retained perfectly for a long time even under intense use
  • Perfect for slicing vegetables and fruits
  • Surface is stain resistant
  • Non-porous surface makes them impervious to acids and salts
  • Sharpening is required rarely
  • Ideal to use when chopping or slicing boneless meat


  • Their construction is brittle
  • Hard to sharpen – specially designed sharpeners are required
  • Most of them can’t be used for boning, prying, and carving

Pros and Cons of Steel Knives

Now that we have analyzed ceramic cutlery, it’s time to move on to steel knives. No matter how much time passes, steel will still be the preferred blade material for knives as people are accustomed to it. Not only this, but the cutlery boasts an impressive versatility, such knives easily handling even the toughest of chores in the kitchen without breaking or being damaged in any way.


  • No restrictions when it comes to how you can use this type of cutlery
  • Can easily cut through bones
  • Dishwasher safe – the blade won’t break
  • Stain resistant – not as great as ceramic cutlery
  • Extremely easy to sharpen


  • Steel cutlery loses sharpness quick
  • Sharpening the blade is an often requirement
  • Not as sharp as ceramic cutlery
  • Porous blade construction harbors odors and bacteria

Conclusion – Weighing the Pros and Cons to Make the Best Choice

Now that you have read about the pros and cons of ceramic knives as well as steel knives, you probably understand why we choose the ceramic knife as the superior option to go with. Sure, ceramic might cost a little extra if you’re planning on purchasing a truly high-end knife, but the investment is worth making as you will enjoy an impressive sharpness that is going to help you finish your kitchen tasks quick.

The fact that we consider ceramic as being the better option due to its impressive sharpness and sharpness retention doesn’t mean that we don’t consider steel cutlery as being worth your attention. On the contrary, as impressive as ceramic might be, it does have its own limitations. These limitations, more precisely the fact that ceramic can’t be used for heavy-duty kitchen tasks, make steel cutlery a must-have addition to your kitchen.

In conclusion, it’s best to own both types of knives in order to make sure that you will have the necessary tools to handle any cooking task that you’re confronted with. On the kitchen front, it’s better to be safe and prepared than sorry, and seeing how important the role of cutlery is, you must be able to confront heads on any situation that you are confronted with.

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