Ceramic Knife

W ithout a doubt, the blade is the most important part of a knife. As models that feature ceramic blades are gaining more popularity than ever these days, it is time to take a closer look at what the market has to offer and what makes these models be of a superior quality. Therefore, if you are a true enthusiast and you want to make sure you are using only quality tools when you are in the kitchen, check out the rest of this article.

Top 6 Ceramic Knives Comparison

Photo Product Size Handle Weight How to Clean Warranty Price
1. Kyocera FK-180 BK 7” Ergonomic design 7.76 ounces Hand wash Lifetime
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2. Shan Zu SZCK009 8” Ergonomic design 4.94 ounces Hand wash Satisfaction guarantee
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3. Vos Ceramic 8-Inch Chef Knife 8” Stable grip 3.5 ounces Hand wash 30-day money back guarantee
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4. Kyocera FK-140 WH 5.5” Stable grip 3.2 ounces Hand wash Lifetime
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5. Cusibox CB-CK002 6” Non-slip 3.68 ounces Hand wash 1 year
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6. SUZARU 8-Inch Professional 8” Ergonomic design 13.6 ounces Hand wash Money back guarantee
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Kyocera FK-180 BK

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The unmatched sharpness of the blade and the well thought design of the Kyocera FK-180 BK is what recommends it as being the best ceramic material knife on the market. What will surely pop out first when looking at it is the stunning appearance, the black blade making it hard for any serious chef to resist purchasing it.

It features a 7-inch long blade which is ideal for activities like mincing, dicing, and chopping. What makes it so great is the excellent sharpness retention and the fact that it is made with the innovative zirconia Z206 ceramic. Although this cutlery requires to be manually washed after each use, you will be glad to know that this task won’t be a difficult one at all, a quick rinse sufficing. Due to the ergonomic handle it comes with, you won’t feel fatigue during use. Best of all, the quality construction of the blade ensures it won’t ever rust.


Amazing sharpness retention
Doesn’t rust
Impervious to acids, oils, juices, and more
The blade won’t ever develop an unpleasant smell
Made with zirconia Z206

Shan Zu SZCK009

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Shan Zu might not be a household name yet, but this manufacturer will surely become more renowned due to the fact that it is responsible for the high-quality SZCK009. To better understand how great the quality of this cutlery is, know that it is made of refined zirconium oxide. The construction of the blade guarantees it will pass the test of time, not using as the years pass. Also, it will remain odor free and it won’t be damaged by acids, oils, or juices. This model measures a total 12.7 inches, the blade measuring a total of 8 inches.

The ergonomic design of the handle makes it highly convenient for you to use it as you surely won’t get tired even after slicing, dicing, and mincing a hefty load of vegetables. In addition, the non-slip material used in the handle’s manufacturing guarantees that no unpleasant incidents will occur while using it.


Non-slip material used for the handle
Generous overall length of 12.7 inches
Made with refined zirconium oxide
Does not rust

Vos Ceramic 8-Inch Chef Knife

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The dense blade that features few pores is what makes it a perfect addition to the kitchen of any aspiring chef. Due to the quality construction of the blade, it will not only accumulate little dirt but it will be incredibly easy to clean as well, all that it requires being a quick rinse. The advanced ceramic it features guarantees it won’t brown foods, retain smells, or rust.

It is incredibly sharp and it retains this sharpness for up to 10 times longer than classic knives do, meaning that you won’t need to sharpen it too often. When it comes to comfort in use, you will be glad to know that the lightweight body combines with the ergonomic design of the handle make it easy to work with. Also, the high-end handle offers a controlled grip which guarantees you won’t produce any mistakes when dicing, chopping, or mincing with it.


Maintains its sharpness 10 times longer than steel cutlery do
Rust-proof blade
Does not brown foods
Does not retain unpleasant odors

Kyocera FK-140 WH

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The FK-140 WH is the second entry in our top that comes from Kyocera, a worldwide renowned manufacturer of cutlery. The quality of this cutlery can be best understood by looking at the length of the warranty, the product actually being backed up for a lifetime. Just like the model which ranked number one in our top, it is made with the innovative zirconia Z206, a ceramic formula that offers a stronger and denser blade which is capable of effortlessly cutting all vegetables and fruits.

In addition to offering clean and precise cuts, the blade never rusts, it does not retain odors, and it is impervious to acids and juices. Also, when it comes to cleaning it, you can get rid of this chore by simply rinsing it off with water. Another aspect that makes it an even more appealing choice to go with is the ergonomically designed handle because it ensures your hands won’t get tired easily when using it.


Does not rust
Made with zirconia Z206
Impervious to oils, acids, juices, etc.
The blade does not retain odors

Cusibox CB-CK002

A cutting tool you can rely on and that won’t require your attention for many years as it features a zirconium oxide blade, the Cusibox is the go-to choice for those who want quality but are on a budget. It is actually made with zirconium oxide, which ensures there won’t be chemical reactions between the blade and the foods you cut with it, and that it will never rust.

The handle is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort in use, and it features a non-slip surface that makes it safe to use. It comes with a protective sheath that you should put on it when it is not in use. Additionally, there is a 1-year warranty provided for this product by the manufacturing company, so in case anything happens to it, it will be replaced free of charge.


Ergonomic design of the handle ensures a stable grip
Comes with a protective sheath for safe storage
Rust-free design
Retains sharpness throughout the years

SUZARU 8-Inch Professional

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As the name suggests it, the blade measures no less than 8 inches in length, allowing you to finish any cooking task fast and with ease. The ergonomic design of its handle is going to make it a pleasure for you to cut, dice, and mince all of your favorite fruits and vegetables with it. The blade does not only feature a stylish design due to the black color, but it is made with quality in mind, being germ resistant and BPA free.

Also, due to the fact that it does not retain unpleasant odors, you won’t have to change it after you cut onions in case you want to slice some fruits. To make it even more tempting for customers to purchase this model, the manufacturer actually offers a full set when buying it. This set includes a protective sheath, a gift box, a user manual, and a cleaning microfiber cloth.


Stylish black colored blade
BPA free and germ resistant blade
Won’t retain unpleasant odors
Comes with a protective sheath, a gift box, a user manual, and a cleaning microfiber cloth

Is It an Investment Worth Making?

Great results in the kitchen only come when the right tools are used, your talent alone not sufficing to prepare the perfect meals. Seeing how knives are among the most used kitchen tools, it is obvious that you cannot afford to use just any type of cutlery, but one which provides the perfect sharpness to dice, cut, mince, and slice the vegetables, meat, and fruits fast. Ceramic knives are very hyped lately because of their superiority, but if you are not well informed about the benefits they offer, you probably do not understand why these tools are so popular right now. To help you better understand why zirconium oxide cutlery is an investment worth making, we have listed the benefits that come with having them at your disposal in the kitchen:

  • If you are obsessed with having perfect looking cutlery and you pay attention to every detail, you will be glad to find out that they do not stain. Therefore, after a couple of months or even years of using them, they won’t look dirty, preserving their out-of-the-box appearance. This is something that cannot be said about steel models, a fact that you are probably already aware of.
  • Undoubtedly, the most important advantage which comes with buying this type of cutlery is the fact that it won’t require sharpening too often. Again, this is a benefit you won’t enjoy with other types of cutlery as they get dull fast. Generally, a zirconium oxide blade will retain a perfect sharpness of the edge about 10 times longer than a steel blade will.
  • Another great benefit of using this cutlery is the fact that it has an extremely thin blade. This will allow you to cut thin slices of fruits and vegetables whenever it is needed, all without having to put too much effort into the task.
  • When slicing certain fruits and vegetables with steel cutlery, you will notice that their oxidation process is rushed, thus meaning they rot faster. This is not the case with ceramic models because unlike steel blades, they do not transfer ions from the surface of the blade to the fruits or vegetables, thus not affecting the oxidation process.
  • Of course, we cannot end our list of reasons why this is an investment worth making without mentioning the fact that this type of cutlery is non-porous. This is an important advantage because it shows bacteria won’t be present on the blade no matter what you cut with it as long as you clean it when you are done using it.

Of course, we cannot pretend like everything is perfect because they have their set of flaws as well. Due to the fact that we want for you to be satisfied with the investment you make, we are going to walk you through the downsides as well:

  • Unfortunately, due to the fact that ceramic is a brittle material, if you are not careful when you use the tool, the blade might break.
  • Another notable downside is the fact that you will have a harder time finding a sharpener which is able to restore the razor sharpness of the zirconium oxide blade. Nonetheless, it is not impossible to find this type of product, the Shenzhen Knives SZSHARP being an ideal electric sharpener to use for this task, for example.
  • The final disadvantage is the fact that it cannot be used to cut through meat with bones or frozen food. If you do this, you might end up breaking the blade.

Our advice is for you to take your chance and invest in a top tier model like the Kyocera FK-180 BK or any other product in our top because they are very sharp, safe to use, they look great, and they will resist perfectly throughout the years.

Ceramic Material Knife Care and Maintenance Advice

Although these knives are highly durable and they preserve their sharpness longer when compared to metal knives, this does not mean that there is no maintenance work with them. Seeing how they are a considerable investment if you do buy this cutlery and you purchase high-end products, it is important for you to know more about their care and maintenance rituals. Therefore, if you want to learn how to care for a zirconium oxide blade knife and keep it in the best shape possible for a long time.

  • Proper Storing of the Knives

    If you have already explored the market, what you have probably noticed is that a big part of these cutlery come with plastic blade guards or plastic sleeves. These items come with them because if the blades are not protected when they are stored in the utensils drawer, they might enter into contact with metal knives and their blades could chip. Of course, the classic wooden block works just as well when it comes to keeping the blades isolated from items which might damage them, so there are enough options for you to choose from when it comes to the proper storage of zirconium oxide cutlery.

  • How to Sharpen a Dull Blade

    The blades of zirconia cutlery might keep their sharpness 10 times longer than those of metal knives, but this does not mean that their razor sharpness is preserved forever without your intervention. When you do notice the blade starts to lose its quality, the time comes for you to sharpen them. Because of the hardness of the ceramic material, it is a bit harder to restore their sharpness, but it is not impossible. The classic method you can turn to is to use a honing steel and manually sharpen the blades. If you like the more modern approach, search for an electric sharpener which is compatible with zirconium oxide cutlery. Using an electric sharpener means that you will be done with the task in less time and with a lot less effort put into the process.

  • General Care Tips

    When it comes to how you should care for them, you are in luck as they are not very pretentious. Ceramic blade cutlery, just like all knives out there, require being washed after you use them. Although some models are dishwasher safe, we still recommend you wash them by hand using dish detergent and warm water as this method does not subject the blade to any danger of breaking.

    Another care tip you must follow when using zirconium oxide cutlery is to never cut your food with them on any other surface except for bamboo cutting boards. The soft texture of the bamboo boards will keep the blades better protected, preventing chipping from occurring. Also, there is another reasoning behind why you should use bamboo boards, more precisely because they do not preserve bacteria, thus meaning that your food does not get cross-contaminated when you chop, dice, mince, or cut it.

Ceramic Cutlery Uses

To use the cutlery to its fullest extent, you must know for what type of use the cutlery is actually designed. Thus, we have listed below the tasks where you can use this high-end kitchen tool:

  • Fine slicing of cheese;
  • Fine slicing of meat;
  • Fine vegetable chopping;
  • Preparation of sushi and sashimi;
  • Slicing, cutting, and chopping lime, lemons, and other highly acidic foods;
  • Slicing, cutting, dicing, chopping, and mincing various foods without having to wash the blade when switching from one type of food to another.

As you can see, there are many uses to take up with ceramic cutlery, so there is no denying the fact that having it in your kitchen is a great advantage. Next, we will present exactly how the cutlery serves when it comes to home use and how it comes in handy when it is in the hands of a professional chef.

  • Home use – Undeniably, it is a great choice when it comes to performing regular cooking in the kitchen. Although it has its downsides, not being recommended for cutting through bones or other tasks of this kind, it is necessary nonetheless as it presents a more convenient, safe, and healthy method of dealing with fine slicing of fruits, vegetables, and meat. Additionally, due to the fact that it does not preserve the odors and bacteria on the blade after using it, you won’t lose a lot of time washing it when you are cooking. Also, it means that you won’t have to switch between different cutlery either as a single ceramic one suffices for almost everything that needs to be done in the kitchen.
  • Professional use – What professional chefs appreciate about zirconium oxide cutlery is their longevity and versatility in use. When it comes to the longevity aspect, considering the fact that it does not rust, it means that it does not need to be replaced. Also, the superior sharpness retention of the blade ensures the chef won’t have to resharpen it too often, regardless of how often it is used. When talking about the versatility of the cutlery, what chefs appreciate the most is the fact that they can switch from slicing a lime directly to slicing meat, for example, all without having to waste time washing it or change it with another one. This helps save a lot of time in the kitchen, time that can be used by a professional to prepare a dish to perfection.

Price Range – How Much You Should Expect to Pay

While the quality of a knife is what you must focus on first and foremost if you want to make a long-term investment which will help make your life easier, you still have to take into consideration another important element – the pricing of the product. If zirconium oxide cutlery is what you are interested in and you want to replace your stainless steel cutlery with ceramic ones, what you should be aware of beforehand is the fact that pricing varies depending on item quality. Seeing how you will need to purchase more than one single knife, it is important to ensure your budget allows the investment.

Generally speaking when referring to pricing, a zirconium oxide material cutlery can cost from $15 to $100, some models being cheaper, while others are more expensive. Unsurprisingly, the Kyocera FK-180 BK, our pick for the best cutlery piece on the market right now, comes at a spicier price than its competitors. However, considering its rust resistance, convenient and easy use, ergonomic grip handle, and generous warranty, its pricing does not come as a surprise in the slightest. After all, you cannot expect to receive perfection without giving something substantial in exchange.

Trustworthy Brands to Purchase Zirconium Dioxide Cutlery From

People are more inclined to buy a product which is manufactured by a certain brand if that brand is renowned for its seriousness and dedication. This is an understandable attitude and one that everyone should have as the truth is that certain brands do indeed deliver higher quality products than others. To find out what are these reliable brands to purchase from when it comes to ceramic cutlery, read the following lines.

  • Kyocera

    Kyocera is a brand you have undoubtedly already heard of as it has been around for over 80 years, producing excellent quality electronics and ceramics since it started activating. With this generous background, it is more than clear that the brand has peaked and maintained the interest of customers in order to activate at a high level for all of these years. The ceramics it produces, including knives, of course, are of a superior quality, providing dependability and durability to those who invest in them. As long as you stick to buying from such a respectable and trusted manufacturer, you are ensured to invest your money wisely.

  • Shan Zu

    Shan Zu is most probably a company you have not heard about yet as it has started activated in 2016. Despite the fact that age is not on this company’s side, this does not take away from the manufacturer’s merits when it comes to the products which it has managed to release up to this point on the market. What amazes about this brand is the fact that it got a head start despite its incredibly young age due to the fact that it designed and manufactured one of the best quality zirconium oxide blade cutlery out there, the Shan Zu SZCK009. If the company manages to put just as much seriousness and hard work into all of the products it releases from now on, not much time will pass until it becomes a household name.

  • Vos Knife

    This is a brand that has managed to reach the top of the market fast and stay there through pure hard work and passion. The attention to detail and the fact that the company focuses on delivering durable products is what made it gain a massive success. Another reason why this brand is doing a lot better than its competitors is the fact that it does not shy away from diversity, designing and manufacturing a wide range of zirconium oxide cutlery, each of them coming with their own set of uses and advantages. This versatility is what keeps customers loyal to the brand and what makes the company an immense success of the zirconia cutlery market.

Rating the Cutlery – How We Proceeded

Wonder what makes each of these products top tier? Find out what determined us to rank these products as being the best in their niche and get an in-depth look at what a quality cutlery should boast by analyzing the table below. Here, we will list and explain our ratings, so without further ado, let us move on to see what are the important elements to look into.

Rating Criteria How It Affects Product Quality Product to Receive Most Points
Handle Design The material that the handle is composed of as well as its overall design is crucial to how easily you will be able to handle the cutlery, and how comfortable it will feel when the cooking chores stack up and you must chop or dice continuously. The best possible option is for the handle to boast an ergonomic design – it will enable you to work without feeling discomfort or fatigue at any point. Kyocera FK-180 BK, Shan Zu SZCK009, SUZARU 8-Inch Professional
Blade Length The length of the blade weighs a lot when it comes to the tasks the cutlery piece allows you to perform. Thus, we cannot say that a shorter blade length is bad, for example, as it does come in handy when handling minor chopping or dicing tasks. However, for the cutlery piece to be usable in as many situations as possible, the ideal blade length should range from 7 to 8 inches. Kyocera KF-180 BK, Shan Zu SZCK009, Vos Ceramic 8-Inch Chef Knife, SUZARU 8-Inch Professional
Blade Material Obviously, the exact material the blade is made from has a major impact of the overall quality of the cutlery as it shows how resistant it will be, as well as for how long it will retain its sharpness. Seeing how we are dealing with zirconium oxide cutlery, blade quality is not an actual issue, but there are a few differences in material which put certain products above others. Kyocera FK-180 BK, Kyocera FK-140 WH
Lightweight Design For you to easily handle any cooking task thrown your way, it is important for the cutlery piece to feel comfortable in your hands and to allow you to easily maneuver it. For this, an overall lightweight design is mandatory as it allows ease of use. Kyocera FK-140 WH
Warranty A quality product is always backed by a generous, lengthy warranty. This being said, it is more than obvious that we were obliged to give a higher rating to the cutlery pieces which came with lengthier warranties as this is a clear indicator of a quality product in which the manufacturer trusts. Kyocera FK-180 BK, Kyocera FK-140 WH

Frequently Asked Questions

?What are they pieces made of?
The material they are made of is an advanced ceramic that goes under the name of zirconium oxide. Registering at 8.2 on the scale of hardness, this material is as close as it gets to diamonds in terms of hardness, thus providing a unique durability for the blade made from it.

?Are they fragile in comparison to stainless steel cutlery?
Although the design may have you thinking they are fragile, this is as far away from the truth as it gets. In fact, zirconium oxide cutlery is a lot harder than stainless steel cutlery. However, flexibility is not the strong point of the cutlery, so if you want to maintain the blade of a ceramic piece of cutlery, make sure you do not pry, twist, or bend it.

?If I drop it, will it break?
Regardless of the type of knife we are talking about, if you drop it, chances are it will indeed break. Thus, we cannot assure you of the fact that any of the high-end zirconium oxide cutlery on the market are immune to breaking in this situation as it is highly unlikely that they will get out of the situation unharmed.

Ceramic is clearly the better option as it provides a blade which retains sharpness for an absurd amount of time as opposed to stainless steel. Thus, you coming here to learn what your best options are in terms of zirconium oxide cutlery is not shocking in the least. As you have already seen for yourself, at the beginning of the article we ranked the top selections in this market and displayed their main traits in order to give you a better idea to why we chose these specific products. Before we end, let us review some of the selections we chose for our top. We begin with the Kyocera FK-180 BK, a 7-inch model that only weighs 7.76 ounces, being easy for you to maneuver it during cooking tasks.

The ergonomic handle ensures your hands won’t tire even after cutting countless food products, while the zirconium oxide blade will most likely require its first sharpening session after months, even years of use. The Vos Ceramic 8-Inch stole the show for us as it is one of the best priced entries in this market, maintaining its low price without sacrificing quality or sharpness. With it, the sky is the limit in the kitchen, and considering the quality of the blade, resharpening is a task you need not worry about for a long time.