Survival Knife

I f you’re the adventurous type, you need a reliable survival blade at your disposal in order to get out of unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous situations. These tools make a huge difference as they enable you to take control when you are in a rough spot, so if you often find yourself in sticky situations when you are in the wild, it is indeed a must-have. To find out what are the best survival cutters on the market right now, make sure that you check out the rest of our article.

Top 5 Survival Knives Comparison

Photo Product Name Design Handle Suitable for Corrosion resistant Warranty Price
BlizeTec BT985LE Image
1. BlizeTec BT985LE Fixed blade model made with 402 stainless steel Pakka wood Emergency situation, hunting, and all survival activities Yes Lifetime
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BlizeTec 5-in-1 Image
2. BlizeTec 5-in-1 Sharp serrated blade made with stainless steel Anodized aluminum Emergency knife that aids in various situations Yes Lifetime
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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife Image 3. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife Half serrated drop point blade made with carbon and stainless steel Ergonomic textured rubber grip Perfect for a multitude of uses in all types of environments Yes Lifetime
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Maxam SKJSK Image 4. Maxam SKJSK Features both a serrated and a fine edge Zinc alloy Perfect for use in all types of survival situations Yes Lifetime
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Rothco 3235 Deluxe Adventurer Image 5. Rothco 3235 Deluxe Adventurer Made with stainless steel and it features a fine and a serrated edge Hollow design Designed for the toughest uses, being perfect for survival situations Yes Can be returned during the first 10 days after purchase
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BlizeTec BT985LE

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As a person why likes the taste of adventure and who wants to be in the great outdoors as often as possible, you need a reliable survival knife by your side, the best option to go with being this model. This fixed blade knife is a full tang model that you can rely on even in the toughest of situations, being ideal for use in any type of forest activities, survival situations, hunting, and training.

The sharp and sturdy 30-degree blade features a partially serrated edge that comes in handy in all types of situations, allowing you to cut rope with it, for example. Due to the fact that the blade is made with 402 stainless steel you can rest assured knowing that it resists corrosion, therefore, being a tool that will be by your side forever as long as you sharpen it when it becomes dull. Best of all, when you purchase it, you will receive a mini fire starter that can hold up to 12000 strikes and a flashlight that lasts up to 30 hours, these two accessories further helping in emergency situations, thus ensuring that you will be covered no matter the trouble that you get into.


Features a sharp and sturdy 30-degree blade
The blade is partially serrated
Features a drop point style blade
Comes with a flashlight and a mini fire starter

BlizeTec 5-in-1

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Another top of the line survival blade that is a must-have for any adventurer is the BlizeTec 5-in-1, a model that proves to be useful in a wide variety of situations. More precisely, due to the design of this folding knife, you are able to break windows with it in case of emergencies, cut the seatbelt or a rope, start a fire, see in the dark due to the LED flashlight that it features and that lasts for up to 12 hours of continuous use before the batteries need to be changed, and cut through anything you want due to the sharp blade that features a serrated section.

The lightweight design that this stylish model boasts will make it easy for you to maneuver it as you like, ensuring that you won’t have a hard time using it when you’re in a dangerous situation and time is of the essence. Best of all, it features a belt clip that allows you to conveniently carry it with you, and it comes with a nylon pouch where you can place it to carry it in a safe manner.


Features a LED light that runs for 12 continuous hours before the batteries need to be replaced
Comes with a nylon pouch where you can store it when it’s not in use
Comes with a belt clip that allows you to conveniently carry it
Lightweight design, the knife weighing only 5.46 ounces

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Serrated Knife

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There isn’t an adventurer out there who hasn’t heard about Bear Grylls, the famous survivalist who has successfully went through numerous life or death situations while being in the outdoors in order to teach others how to handle themselves. Now you can enjoy the added safety of having this serrated knife by your side, feeling like the man himself is there to get you out of trouble due to the astounding quality of this item. The mix of carbon and stainless steel that goes into the production of the knife’s blade makes it perfect for cutting ropes and other activities.

It’s meticulously designed to ensure your utter safety, featuring a fire starter, a whistle, stainless steel pommel, and a sharpener, thus having your back covered no matter the situation. It weighs only 11.2 ounces and it features an ergonomic textured rubber grip, these design elements ensuring that you will have an easy time using it. Also, it comes with a nylon sheath where you can store it for safe keeping, this military-grade sheath being mildew resistant.


Stainless steel pommel allows you to use it for hammering
Features a useful fire starter
Lightweight design makes it easy to use
Comes with a mildew resistant nylon sheath


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This is more than a simple survival cutter as it actually comes with a multitude of accessories that will save your life when you’re in the middle of nowhere and you need nature by your side to survive. The 1/8-inch thick blade that it features is sharp enough to cut through rope and other things, allowing you to get out of unpleasant situations.

Besides the knife and the sheath, this set includes other useful items such as a bandage, matches, a pair of tweezers, a safety pin, a compass, a razor blade, a pencil, a thread, a skeletal frame knife, and a needle. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why we recommend this set to all those who are looking to have a good time in the woods or anywhere else, safety being ensured with it by your side. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty that makes it an even more appealing option to go with.


Twelve piece set that ensures you won’t ever be caught off-guard
Tough and durable design despite being lightweight
Measures 14.12″ inches in length

Rothco 3235 Deluxe Adventurer

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The impressive durability of this model is what drew our attention to it. Not only does this knife look stunning, but it’s made with high-quality stainless steel as well, so you are ensured that it boasts a stunning performance. The hollow handle that this model comes with stores in it a signal mirror, a pencil, bandages, a fish line, a hook, a small harpoon, and more, making the knife useful in a lot more situations that it would have been if these items weren’t put at your disposal.

To help you find your way when you think you’re lost, the screw-off top of the handle actually has a compass that will guide you to safety. The knife measures 10.5 inches in length overall, the blade measuring 5.25 inches in length. The blade that it features is made with high-quality stainless steel that ensures a stunning durability. Also, it features both a fine edge and a serrated edge in order to be useful in more stituations than you could ever imagine.


Knife measures 10.5 inches in length overall, and the blade measures 5.25 inches in length
The screw-off top of the handle has a useful compass
The hollow handle stores many useful items that come in handy in survival situations

Interesting Facts

Although it’s true that any knife can become a survival tool if you’re in a sticky situation and you need something to cut or chop with, there are certain knives that are a superior choice to go with as they are specifically designed for such situations, more precisely the renowned survival blades. What separates them from cutlery is the fact that these knives are better suited for purposes such as skinning, wood carving, wood cutting, trapping, and so on.

Most of them have fixed blades that don’t exceed 7.9 inches in length and that have a full thick tang. Another particularity that these knives boast is the fact that their handles are hollow, allowing users to store additional equipment that might come in handy at one point. Thus, they are perfect for hikers, adventurers, and hunters alike, providing a superior versatility that is needed in unpleasant situations. Of course, not all survival knives are designed in the same way, more precisely not all of them feature hollow handles. This is good news for those who are looking for a knife that can handle tasks such as batoning or chopping, tasks that a hollow handle wouldn’t allow as it would most probably break due to the strength involved in the performed action.

Regardless of the design that the knife boasts, what all of these survival tools have in common is the fact that they make for great, dependable companions for those who seek thrills and adventures and who need strength, versatility, and dependability. Such an investment is worth making no matter how careful and well prepared you think you are for your next trip because you never know when you are going to be in the middle of a rather dangerous situation.

Lesser Known Uses

The survival situation knife is useful in a wide variety of situations. Aside from the obvious uses that all knives offer, this tool proves to be particularly great for more delicate tasks when you’re outdoors and you need to get creative with the gear at hand. To find out some of the great uses of this amazing survival tool, check out the following lines:

  • Hunting – If you can’t or won’t use a rifle when you go hunting, it’s obvious that a knife is what you need, more precisely survival type knife. With this tool, you can skillfully get the job done when you have caught the prey of your choice, no matter if we’re talking about small animals such as rabbits, or bigger ones, such as deer.
  • Cooking – No matter if the food you’re preparing contains meat, vegetables, or both types of ingredients, a quality knife for survival comes in handy as it allows you to easily cut or chop the food. Also, it’s perfect for opening cans that need to be cut due to its superior sharpness and durability.
  • Digging – The high-end construction of the knife that offers its durability guarantees that it’s a perfect tool to use for digging as well. Thus, regardless of the reason why you’re digging a hole, whether it be to carve out a distress signal or to excavate a fire pit, the knife will be up to the task.
  • Fire – If you like to enjoy a complete outdoors experience when you go in the woods, you have to make a fire without the use of matches or a lighter. For this task, the knife comes in handy as it now only allows you to flay out the inner bark from tree branches, but it helps you ignite the fire by simply striking the knife to a ferrocerium rod.
  • First aid – One of the most complex uses for the knife is as a first aid tool. Its high functionality allows you to perform tasks such as removing painful splinters, cutting up clothes to make an improvised bandage when you hurt yourself, and much more.
  • Self-defense – When you’re in the wilderness, you could be attacked at any moment by who knows what type of wild animal. With the knife by your side, you will be able to defend yourself from any attacked that comes your way, thus remaining safe throughout the whole outdoor experience.
  • Hammer – Driving the stakes through the shelter that you’re building requires the use of a hammer or a similar tool. In case you don’t have a hammer at your disposal but you do have a survival type knife, you can use its pommel as a hammering tool without a problem.

What to Look For

Shopping for a survival style knife might seem to be an easy task, but when you’re confronted with the wide variety of models existent on the market, you will realize just how difficult it actually is to choose a single product. To make matters easier for you when shopping for a knife fit for survival situations, we will enlighten you regarding what you must look for when you hit the stores.

  • Pay Attention to the Blade Design

    Obviously, the blade is the most important element of survival blades, this being the reason why we start our list off with the design of the knife’s blade. First of all, the design must suit your preferences and it must offer a convenient and easy-to-use knife. One of the design elements that you must pay attention to is the length of the blade. Also, you must make up your mind when it comes to what is the most convenient design for your needs, more precisely if you want a folding or a fixed blade knife.

  • Choose a Quality Blade Material that Suits Your Needs

    One of the most important elements to take into consideration when shopping for a survival style knife is the material used in the blade’s manufacturing. What this blade must offer is durability and resistance, not existing the possibility for the blade to fail you when you need it most. To establish what is the perfect blade material to go with, what you must first do is to consider how you intend to use the survival tool in the first place. If you want a heavy-duty knife, you should choose blade materials that are made with non-stainless, high-carbon steels. On the other hand, if you are more interested in working with a bushcraft type of knife, then you must choose blades that are made with any type of steel as long and they have a high Rockwell Hardness rating.

  • Pick a Full Tang or a Hidden Tang Knife

    When you buy a fixed blade knife, you are faced with choosing between different types of tangs. If your goal is to find the perfect survival knife, undoubtedly, you must choose a full tang or a hidden tang knife. The reason why we recommend these types of tang over partial or stick tang is that they offer an immensely superior strength, stoically resisting to intense use over time.

  • Don’t Overlook the Quality of the Handle

    The last factor that we recommend you take into consideration when shopping for survival cutters is the quality and durability of the handle. After all, the handle is the part that you enter into contact with when using the knife, so it’s highly important for it to feel comfortable in your hand. The handle should be made from a material that is tough enough to withstand your strong grip, not cracking or breaking if you squeeze it hard. Also, it must be impervious to moisture absorption to keep rot at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Does the design of the spine matter with these types of knives?
With quality survival blades, you will often find interesting details on the spine. To have the best possible option by your side, make sure the knife you go with has at least one spot on the spine that allow you the capability of getting sparks from Ferro rods, this way allowing you to prepare a campfire with ease when you are out of matches or other fire sources.

?What type is better, fixed blade or folding?
What we can assure you from the get-go is that folding as well as fixed blade knives make for quality purchases as both types boast their own set of advantages. In terms of strength, fixed blade models are better, while when it comes to ease of use and maneuvering, folding knives are the better choice to go with.

?Is it better to opt for a stainless steel blade or a carbon steel blade?
While stainless steel, as well as carbon steel, come with their own sets of advantages that make them both desirable choices, they do have certain flaws too. Carbon steel is a bit more expensive but it does not rust or corrode easily. On the other hand, stainless steel is cheaper and easier to sharpen, but the edge of the blade wears out more rapidly.